SeaWorld Orlando

Farewell Terrace Garden Buffet

February 6th, 2015
  |  by Mealtrip
Farewell Terrace Garden Buffet SeaWorld Orlando bids farewell to the Terrace Garden Buffet and introduces a new location, the Terrace BBQ.

Well… "new location" is a bit of a stretch. The old Hospitality House didn't get much of a make over in this re-concepting of sorts, just a new menu, a few new signs, and an a la carte format. Gone is the salad, pasta, pizza and dessert buffet line format, and in it's place, you will find a somewhat option-limited chicken and ribs a la cart menu that now looks much more like the menus at other SeaWorld Orlando restaurants than the unique buffet menu that it replaces.

The BBQ does seem to be somewhat different than the variety being served at Voyagers Smokehouse. Perhaps a bit less smokey, but more tropical in nature, with a slightly spicy and more pepper-based flavor.

As always, we will leave the older Terrace Garden Buffet ratings and photos in the system for historical reference. While those photos and information are no longer available form the Mealtrip SeaWorld Orlando listings page, you will find a collection of "Locations The Have Closed" at the bottom of our site map page.