Frequently Asked Questions

This page attempts to answer a few common questions about We also have a Privacy Policy page and a Terms & Conditions of Use page for more specific information about those topics.

How do I find a location or restaurant?

From our "Home" page, there are some quick search links in the right hand column, that will take you directly to a list of restaurants for that location. For example, clicking on "Epcot" will show a list of all available locations in Epcot, clicking on "Animal Kingdom" will show a list of all available locations in Animal Kingdom.

From any page on the Mealtrip site, the "Rate & Review" item in the main menu bar at the top of the page will take you to a list of locations.

Under the main menu bar's "Lists & More " heading, you will find some other list formats. The Bean Counter List is noteworthy becuase it contains no ads, which will speed up large-scale sort and filter research that you might want to do.

How can I find out which restaurants have the best scores?

Our directory usually defaults to showing locations in alphabetical order. If you see a button that reads "overall score"... clicking on it, will sort the list from highest to the lowest overall rating. Clicking on the button again, will switch the order from lowest overall rating, to the highest.

How do I post a review?

You must be logged into to leave a review. Anyone can view the site, but only members can post reviews. Membership is totally free, but you must have a valid email address to join. will send a "Welcome" email that must be verified before you can start posting reviews.

After you have logged in, find the location you wish to leave a review for. Once you are viewing the location's page, click the "Post Your Review" button in the right-hand column, directly under the "Info" panel. You will be taken to a "Rate Card" for that location, where you can review various points and type your comments.

Any review that you post, can be edited (and/or deleted) for the next 7 days, and you can also add a photo to the review during that 7 day period. After you post a review there are on-screen instructions on how to add a photo and edit your review.

Once logged in, click the "Your Reviews" button in the top and right side of your screen. There, you will see all of your reviews, and editing options.

Why do I have to sign up to leave a review?

Because you can edit, add a photo, or delete your review for a 7 day period, we needed some way to prove that you... are you... when you re-visit our site.

You can upload your own image to use as an avatar, or select a pre-made avatar that we've provided, to customize your "look". You can add a link to your website or social media if you would like people to be able to find you, and you can even delete your entire account at any time. (Although we really hope you like us enough to not leave.) All of these actions rquire that have a account.

How do I sign up, so I can start posting reviews?

Just click on the "Create New" button in the top navigation bar, which is on just about every page (if you are already logged in, you won't see the "Create New" button), to create a new account.

After I leave a review, how can I upload a photo to go with it?

After you leave a review, there may be instructions for uploading a photo to go with it. You can upload a photo for 7 days after leaving a review.

Once you are logged in, visit the "Your Reviews" page. If the review is less than 7 days old, a small camera icon will appear next to the review. Clicking that icon will bring up the "upload" dialog, where you can located and upload your photo. You can delete the photo at ANY time... but you can only upload a photo, within 7 days of writing the review.

Photo uploading is currently not available on certain mobile platforms, but should be available from all desktop and laptop computers.

How can I see all of the reviews that I have left at Mealtrip?

Click the "Your Reviews" button at the top of the page. This button will only appear if you are logged into your account.

Can I edit my review if I change my mind about something?

Yes! You have seven days from the date you submitted the review, to edit any part of it or delete the review entirely. Just visit "Your Reviews" page to see a list of all your reviews. Any review with a pencil icon next to it, can still be edited. Clicking directly on the pencil icon will take you to a page where you can edit your review.

What is the Image Upload Policy and can I delete my review or photo after I post it?

If there is a small camera icon with a red arrow pointing to a trash can next to a review, you can delete a photo for that review by clicking on the icon. You can delete your photo at any time, however, you can only upload a photo for seven days from posting your review.

Photo uploading AND deleting is not currently available for mobile devices. The small icons for uploading and deleting photos will not appear if the mobile device dose not have a full desktop operating system installed

The Image Upload Policy:

All members of the community are encouraged to submit electronic photographs for display on Images must be food or restaurant environment related, appropriate and suitable for the general public. You may upload only images which you own and or have "rights" to use. Photographs may not violate the privacy rights of others. Stolen/borrowed images or any image which depicts cruelty and or inappropriate behavior are not acceptable. All images are moderated to insure compliance. All uploads are logged for security purposes. Images must also be in compliance with the following rules:

1. You may not contribute photos that contain expressions of hate, abuse, offensive images or conduct, or any material that could give rise to any civil or criminal liability under applicable law or regulations.

2. By uploading a photo, (a) you grant Mealtrip and Curtis Lawyer permission to use the image on the web site or Mealtrip publications; (b) you acknowledge that all images uploaded to the site may be viewed in search engine results and social media outlets; and (c) you agree to indemnify and Curtis Lawyer and hold Mealtrip and Curtis Lawyer harmless from any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys´ fees, arising from the photo and/or your failure to comply with these rules.

3. No image flooding. The program will only accept one photo from one person, per review.

4. You may only contribute photos that you have taken yourself or that you have all rights to transmit and license and which do not violate trademark, copyright, privacy or any other rights of any other person.

5. You may not upload any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or this website. You are bound by the Appropriate Use Policy for Computer and Information Resources.

The decision of the photo moderators is final.

Can I delete my whole account?

You can delete your account at any time. Once logged in, go to your Account Information Area. Clicking on the "Delete Your Account" button will begin the process of deleting your account. Once deleted, all of your reviews and photos will be removed from the system.

How do I change my avatar image, and/or upload my own photo?

Once logged in, go to your Account Information Area. To the right, there is a menu area, with a couple different options. Clicking the "Select A Pre-Made Avatar" link will take you to a page where you can choose one of our pre-made avatars.

If you can't find one you like, or would like to upload your own photo, clicking on the "Upload your Custom Avatar" button, will take you to a page where you can begin the process of uploading your own photo.

Can I change my Username at any time?

Yes you can... as long as no one is already using the Username you want. You will not loose your reviews or any information. If you decide to change your username, your reviews will be updated with your new name. Just log into your Mealtrip account and visit the Account page. Locate a button that reads "Change, Edit, and Update your Username and Email Address". Clicking on that button, will take you to a page where you can begin the process.

How do I change my Mealtrip account password?

If you are not sure about your password, it can be emailed to the account email that we have on file. If you do know it... and just want to change it... just log into your Mealtrip account and visit the "Account " page. Locate a button that reads "Update Your Password". Clicking on that button, will take you to a page where you can begin the process.

Can I add a link to my site or social media page when I leave a review?

Yes you can. Some of our members wanted to provide a link with their reviews that would take visitors to their site, a Youtube channel, or some other social site. If you add that link to your profile, it will show up next to any review that you leave at

If you would like to add a link that would show up next to your username, with a small icon and text that reads "visit member-name's site"... just log into Mealtrip, and go to the "Account" area. One of the options there will be "Add A Link To Your Site". Clicking that link will begin the process of adding a link to your member profile.

This is an optional field. You do not have to add a link if you do not want to, and you can edit or delete the link, at any time.

Who chooses which restaurant or food locations are to be placed in the Mealtrip directory?

Our focus right now is theme park, amusement park, and entertainment complexes in the Central Florida area... and specifically, the places to eat inside the gates. Just about any location inside one of our scope areas could be put in the directory. If we have missed one of your favorites, let us know.

Who writes the descriptions for each location?

We write those ourselves. At minimum, we try to write one sentence about the history or environment of the location, and one sentence about the food. If however, the owner, management, or marketing division of the location wish to provide their own copy, we are more than glad to use that, as the location's description.

Can a location pay to be placed in the directory?

No. Any location that meets our directory's current focus will be placed in the directory for free. If we've missed one of your favorite locations, just let us know!

Can a location pay to be highlighted or featured in the Mealtrip directory?

Absolutely not. Each location's ratings are a result of our own reviews and member reviews only. There is no curve or "skewing" involved. For more information about how the scores are calculated, please see the "scoring" questions on this FAQ page. We do not accept money or gifts in any form, in exchange for altering a location's natural location in our scoring system.

Do you accept free food or any perks in exchange for featuring or moving a location's standing in the directory?

Absolutely not. Our open review system is based on member scores and pro scores. A location's placement can not be biased or featured in any way, that is not also available to any and all of the other listings. (For example, we may occasionally feature certain cuisine types, meal periods, or festival events, and all listings that match the criteria will be accessible by that feature.)

Occasionally, restaurants, theme parks, amusement parks, and entertainment complexes host marketing and media events, offer free gate passes to the media, and offer free and discounted travel packages to the media. If we accept any of these offers, it is for the purpose of information gathering only. Text and photo content for our "descriptions" may be gathered at these events and posted without notice. However, the "description" and "photo" areas at do not effect the location's standing in our rating system in any way.

The featured/admin user named "Mealtrip" is the only reviewing voice that the organization "" has in it's own directory, and as such, is only one small mathematical part of the overall scores. If any "review" content posted by the user "Mealtrip" is gathered and/or created from a media event, that is not paid for entirely by or Curtis Lawyer, it will be clearly noted at the end of the review with a line that reads "Disclaimer : Information and/or photos for this review have been collected while acting as a guest of CompanyName. This does not affect our review in any way. Our opinions are our own. is under no obligation to post any content from this event.".

Do you accept paid endorsements?

Absolutely not. As long as a location meets our directory's current focus, it can be placed in the directory for free. The location is then part of our open review system, and it's location in the standings can not be biased in any way.

Do you sell space for advertising on

We have provisions for displaying Google AdSense ads and various self-sold advertising campaigns. Each campaign (or ad image) can show up on multiple pages throughout our site on a metered rotational basis.

Occasionally, we ( will use our own ad space area to promote new and featured items within the site, or other sites owned and operated by Curtis Lawyer. Those campaign images are not marked with the word "advertisement" because they are in-company promotions.

Some of the dining locations that are in our database, are owned, operated or are managed by the same entities that wish to advertise on the site. Those buying ad space at receive no special considerations with regard to any of the location's standing in the directory.

What are your current visitor statistics?

Click here to see a current graph of our statistics..

Who are the "Pros" or "Featured Reviewers"?

At this time Pros, Admin, and/or Featured reviewers are selected at the sole discretion of and Curtis Lawyer. They are experienced, active travel content providers, photographers, blog owners, chefs and/or food aficionados.

Are the "Pros" or "Featured Reviewers" paid by, or compensated in any way, by the location that they are reviewing?

The "Pros" or "Featured Reviewers" are not compensated by or Curtis Lawyer for writing reviews. We ask all of our Pros to only leave reviews of experiences that they have paid for. If a "Pro" is directly compensated in any way, by the location they are reviewing or any other entity in exchange for a review, we ask that they add a full disclaimer at the bottom of their review. does not evaluate it's Pros in any way for their compliance with the aforementioned request. If, through any natural process, discovers, and can prove that a Pro is not consistently acting in good faith as to this matter, their account, scores, and reviews will be removed from the system.

So do the "Pros" get anything for posting?

Short answer, they get backlinks and basic text formatting options. Pros can post reviews of any length (members are limited to 1,200 characters), they have basic text formatting options (bold, italic, etc.) and have the option of adding a "rich signature box" or by-line box at the end of any review they post. Often times, the signature box will include links back to their own websites, or to guides, products and services that they may offer. and Curtis Lawyer attempt to reach an understanding with the "Pros" that these links should only redirect to the Pro member's primary web site or sites, and not to any third party entity or advertising that they do not represent. does not evaluate it's Pros in any way for their compliance with the aforementioned request. If, through any natural process, discovers, and can prove that a Pro is not consistently acting in good faith as to this matter, their account, scores, and reviews will be removed from the system.

How are the scores calculated?

Scores are based on a four part, four point system. Each "star" is (technically) worth 0.333 points, and the four "parts" of a location's overall rating are food, service, environment, and value. We wanted to keep everything clean and simple, so the "overall" scores are integers.

We round each individual score greater than or equal to 0.5 up to the next nearest integer, and anything less than or equal to 0.499 down to the next lower integer. If you give a response of "n/a" for any rating question, a true "null" is entered into the equation, and that rating question is not calculated in your overall score.

"Pro" scores are calculated the exact same way as everyone else's scores, they are not weighted or given any greater levity than any other scores. "Pros" are just another member when it comes to the mathematics of the Mealtrip statistics engine.

When you see a location's overall score, it is an average of all the scores collected for that location (i.e. both normal member and pro member scores).

How many members are there?

There are currently 33 general members and 1 pros members at, for a total of 34 members.

How many reviews have been left at

There are 195 location / period reviews in the system. The most reviewed location is "Sunshine Seasons", there are 7 reviews for that location.