Bands, Brew and BBQ – SeaWorld Orlando

July 6, 2024 — August 25, 2024 (On Select Dates Only)
Bands, Brew & BBQ at SeaWorld Orlando
Bands, Brew & BBQ at SeaWorld, Orlando is not a "new" festival period or event per say ... it just hasn't been held for quite a number of years now. While we don't know much so far, the eight week span might suggest that the Bands, Brew & BBQ Festival will most likey replace SeaWorld's Craft Beer Festival this year — which generally falls within the same date range. For now, it looks like the returning Bands, Brew & BBQ Event will be held on Saturdays and Sundays only. Check back soon for more information.

A Refreshed Version of Bands, Brew, and BBQ at SeaWorld, Orlando for 2024

There's one more festival update to add to the site – this time, it's a refresh of an old festival favorite... Bands, Brew, and BBQ is replacing the SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival this fall.  There's not really much in the way of new information to go over right now — but in the past, Bands, Brew, and BBQ had included — some bands, beer and… well, BBQ. The interesting thing (to me anyway) is that the Craft Beer Festival (more or less) replaced Bands, Brew, and BBQ around six ... ( read more ... )