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A Refreshed Version of Bands, Brew, and BBQ at SeaWorld, Orlando for 2024

Posted on February 2nd, 2024
  |  Mealtrip
A Refreshed Version of Bands, Brew, and BBQ at SeaWorld, Orlando for 2024 There's one more festival update to add to the site – this time, it's a refresh of an old festival favorite... Bands, Brew, and BBQ is replacing the SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival this fall. 

There's not really much in the way of new information to go over right now — but in the past, Bands, Brew, and BBQ had included — some bands, beer and… well, BBQ. The interesting thing (to me anyway) is that the Craft Beer Festival (more or less) replaced Bands, Brew, and BBQ around six years ago. I suspect the "food and beer kiosk plus concerts" format will remain — the food might shift a little more toward barbecued meats, etc. and the music might end up being a little more "country / rock". 

Another interesting footnote… is that there's currently no mention of the Summer Spectacular or Electric Ocean events for 2024 (both were mostly some extra concerts, fireworks, and a couple of dance parties). Viva la Musica is still on the schedule for the month of June

The Bands, Brew, and BBQ festival is currently scheduled over an eight week period in the early fall, from July 6th, 2024 through August 25, 2024 (which is pretty much right where the Craft Beer Festival used to be). In he past, we've seen the Craft Beer Festival end date get extended a little bit — but in more recent years, SeaWorld has been kicking off Halloween Season early. The popular Howl-O-Scream starts about two weeks after Bands, Brew, and BBQ end — and it takes up some of the same staging areas. A few more weeks after that, and the kid-friendly Halloween Spooktacular begins.

I've set up a new page here on for any news, menus and/or possible concert lists as they come in — click here to visit the new Bands, Brew, and BBQ Festival at SeaWorld main page.

Because it doesn't seem too helpful having links to festivals that aren't being held anytime soon in the the Mealtrip main menu system, I've updated our main menu with those changes as well.

I've also set up a new Festivals and Events page which lists all the festivals that we've covered over the years — including the festivals and events that have gone missing. The "not currently scheduled" festivals are listed in a grayed-out bar on that page — but all of the content from those festivals is still available by clicking on the festival or event name. Click here to visit the Festivals and Events List page here on Mealtrip.

As soon as I hear more about the new Bands, Brew, and BBQ Festival at SeaWorld, Orlando — I'll let you know!