Locations and Festivals That Have Closed or Have Been Retired

Ahhhhh... progess. Sometimes it means older dining concepts and locations close or retire. I've put together several lists on this page that might give us a look back at some of the locations and events that came before what we have today.
Locations That Have Closed, Merged, or Retired
Some of the locations in the lists below are gone for good. Other locations have merged lunch and dinner into one "all day dining" menu. In most cases, that means unique "lunch" menus went away and the dinner menu became the all-day menu. In those cases, the lunch period has been moved into the lists below.
Closed Theme Park Dining Locations Closed Resort Dining Locations Closed Disney Springs Dining Locations
All Locations That Have Closed – Large text-based list
Festivals and Seasonal Events That Have Closed, Merged, or Retired
Occasionally, entire festivals are retired, merge or get updated (and subsequently renamed). Here's a list of any festival or events that fall into that category.
Festivals and Seasonal Events
Festivals and seasonal events that have been retired.
Minor Locations
Below is a list of locations that are only open seasonally, or offer a very limited menu.
Minor Locations