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June 18th, 2015
  |  by Mealtrip
We have just added a new set of pages for Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. You will notice the two lines at the top of the Mealtrip "Home" page (with the little wine glass), that read "2015 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival…", those two lines are "sticky" and will stay at the top until the festival is over. You can still click the "Festivals" link in our main menu at the top of every page to view, rate, and review all of the food booth items.

This new Food and Wine Festival area was created because there's five segments of information that we're always looking for before and during the festival, and so we wanted to put them all in one quick loading, no-frills, text-based area. Those five things are… 1) information about the food booth and kiosk items, 2) information about the culinary, wine, and mixology seminars, 3) all the special events from Parisian Breakfasts all the way over to Party for the Senses, 4) Eat to the Beat concert information, and 5) information about the signature dining events that take place in the park, and at select resorts.

Click Here to see the new Epcot Food and Wine Festival Pages for this year.

Most of the information about the festival trickles in from mid June until the very first day of the festival. I have added green percent markings (%) to each category, so you can quickly see just how much information has been released. Concert information is usually the first group to get completed, while full food booth and kiosk information is usually the last, and sometimes isn't full complete until a few days after the festival begins!

We will update these pages with as much solid information as we have, as soon as we have it. Here's to a great 20th Anniversary Epcot Food and Wine Festival for 2015!!!
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