Craft Beer Festival — SeaWorld Orlando

September 7, 2019 — September 29, 2019 (Saturdays & Sundays Only)
The SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival features 100+ brews on draft from breweries across the state of Florida, plus a few domestic and international craft favorites. The festival alsos features unique food items designed to perfectly pair with all of those beer selections!
  • The event is included with park admission. Food and beverage samples require seperate purchase.
  • Pre-paid "sampling lanyards" are available.
  • Saturday and Sunday — Sampling kiosk are generally open from 12pm to 9pm during the festival.

Food & Beer Menu Items for the 2019 Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld, Orlando (Text List)

SeaWorld, Orlando's Second Annual Craft Beer Festival kicks off on Saturday, September 7th, 2019 and runs on weekends only — until Sunday, October 27th, 2019!Below is a list of the food and beverage items that are going to be available at this year's Craft Beer Festival. This year's event location is a little different… all of the event kiosks and booths will be outside the "normal" festival area… mixed into what we call the "restaurant loop" at SeaWorld. We'll kick off the list with a ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival Walkaround 2018

The very first Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld, Orlando runs for just two weeks in 2018, and that's a pretty tight turn-around for us here at Mealtrip (as far as publishing an article goes). We think the Craft Beer Festival will be around for a while though, and so we wanted to get a walk-around article in the system for this great new Fall event. Here and there, you'll find maps of all the food and beverage kiosks that make up the 2018 festival. Everything takes place (more or less), along what we call ... ( read more ... )

The Weather is Amazing Today! Who Wants A Beer?

SeaWorld Orlando could not have requested a better day to kick off a new festival — it really feels like Fall out there, and there's nothing better than walking around, sampling food and some beer… right at the start of what is generally called "holiday season" around hereThe 2018 Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld Orlando kicks off today, and the very short four day festival is going to be a great addition to the park's busy festival line-up. The festival is going to take place on Saturday and ... ( read more ... )

Food & Craft Beer Menu Items for the 2018 Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld Orlando

We have a more complete list today of the food items, beer selection, and their locations throughout the park for the upcoming Craft Beer Festival at SeaWorld Orlando. Because the park's normal "festival area" is transitioning from Halloween to Christmastime activities, the Craft Beer Festival booths and sampling locations are being offered at kiosk and other permanent dining locations around the park (or more like, around the large lake on the right-hand-ish side of the park). Here's a text-based list ... ( read more ... )

Sneak Peek — Food Items from SeaWorld Orlando's Craft Beer Festival 2018

We're getting our first look at some of the food items that will be available during SeaWorld's new four-day festival this Fall. Taking place on November 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th only the first ever SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival will feature over 100 brews on draft at 18 locations around the park, from Florida-based breweries, along with a couple of domestic and international favorites tossed in the mix. The festival will feature over 20 new food items to pair with all of those beers, and it looks like ... ( read more ... )

A Brand New Festival for 2018 with Food and Beer!

SeaWorld Olrando announced today that a new festival is on it's way this fall, just before the holiday season starts — and honest to goodness — I could not be more excited or happy about it! The brand new "SeaWorld Craft Beer Festival" could be thought of as a test run at this point because (as near as I can figure) there's only four festival days officially listed — Saturday, November 3rd and Sunday November 4th, 2018 along with the following weekend — Saturday, November 10th and ... ( read more ... )
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