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Epcot Festival of the Arts :: Festival of the Arts Walkabout

My Festival of the Arts Walkabout produced around 50 photos and mostly contains food, food kiosk, and a couple of general environment shots. I have not been to one of the larger "Disney on Broadway Concert Series" shows at the America Garden Theatre yet. I do hope to see one before the festival is over. The theme of the festival on the first few days seemed to be "Oh, that starts today?". The front entrance area seemed quite sparsely decorated, but has since come to life for the second week of the festival. I don't want to dive too far into editorial here, but there's no ... ( read more ... )

Editorial :: My Current Thoughts About Festival of the Arts Food Booths (2017)

If you have been following Mealtrip for a few years, you may remember that I used to cover ALL the kiosk food at these festivals. I would post "take a photo of every single dish" type of articles for at least five different festivals in the early days of Mealtrip.com. I don't really do that anymore. Oh sure, I still like the food at the kiosks. Maybe one day I will do that again. Over the last five or six years, the food items have become… less diverse in the number of ingredients that they use and almost specifically made to appeal to a larger group of people ... ( read more ... )

Distilled :: SeaWorld Orlando's New Seven Seas Food Festival

It seems that there is a new theme park Food Festival in town, and this time, it's not at a Disney Park. SeaWorld Orlando has smashed together what used to be the Bands, Brew & BBQ Festival and the Viva la Musica Festival, added a few more dates, even more food and more concerts and are calling the brand new festival the Seven Seas Food Festival. We have put what we know so far into the Mealtrip.com distiller, and this is what we have… GENERAL INFORMATION "Seven Seas Food Festival" is the name of the event. There has been no mention of the word ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Festival of the Arts :: Menu Boards and Prices for Epcot's 2017 Festival of the Arts

Because you want the best… we have squared off, easy to read menu boards for Epcot's 2017 Festival of the Arts!If you happen to be a Pinterest user, individual squared off menu boards have been uploaded to our gallery on Pinterest. They fit so nicely in your phone's display! Why go anywhere without Mealtrip? :-)Those menu boards can be found here… Pinterest Menu Boards for Epcot's 2017 Festival of the Arts. Stay tuned for more honest editorial from this years new Festival of the Arts! If you like the way we do, what we do… please follow us on your ... ( read more ... )

The Contemporary Resort's Contempo Café Lunch

The Contempo Cafe is actually a pretty decent choice for a counter service lunch. The food here seems to be ever so slightly more geared to food-lovers than the burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches that you will find at similar counter service locations. If you happen to be in the Magic Kingdom, without lunch reservations, and find that Pecos Bill's or Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe are jam packed (with 10 people deep lines at the registers), it may be worth a short monorail trip to the Contempo Cafe. Located in the nearby Contemporary Resort, it almost always seems to have exactly the opposite crowd levels that are in the park. It may ... ( read more ... )

DCA Food & Wine Festival :: 2017 DCA Food & Wine Festival Dates

Just a quick note for our west coast and international travel fans, the Disneyland Resort has announced that the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival has been penciled in to take place (daily) from March 10th through April 16th, 2017. It looks like there will be a few more Festival Marketplaces this year (those are the little food booths). The culinary, beverage and lifestyle seminars will also return in 2017. A few of the names that have been mentioned so far include Guy Fieri, Jamie Deen, Robert Irvine, and Duff Goldman. Like the Epcot Food and Wine ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Festival of the Arts :: 2017 Food Booth/Kiosk Menu Items (Text List)

It looks like those little food booths (that are are becoming more and more like that crazy relative, who comes to visit for a few days and stays all year), are going to be called "Food Studios". There are seven kiosks (officially) and some "extra" locations like Mexico and Japan (who will offer "special" items at their "normal" counter service locations) along with Joffrey’s who (naturally) will add in a few of their $9 "adult" drinks. There are 23 Food Items... if you don't count the partner offerings (i.e. Mexico, France, Japan, Morocco, etc.) or the different ... ( read more ... )

The Polynesian Resort's Capt. Cook's Lunch & Dinner

I haven't been to Capt. Cooks in a while, (not since they renovated the decor a few years ago actually), so I decided to stop in the other day and try out a couple of the items. The system at Capt. Cooks goes something like this… you place your order (and pay for it) over by the semi-on-stage kitchen area, and are given a table pager. You can then sit down anywhere around Capt. Cooks (indoors or outdoors) and your food will be delivered to you a few moments later. Drinks… well you're on your own there. You will be given a cup (if you get a soft drink, coffee, or tea) and will take those to the self-serve soda machine ... ( read more ... )
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