Food Only Menu Items for the 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld, Orlando

January 1st, 2023
  |  by Mealtrip
Food Only Menu Items for the 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld, Orlando Because there's sooooo many items at the 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld, Orlando — I've created this separate "Food Only" list — mostly because I like looking at the food first. Once I decide what I'm going to eat... I usually end up drinking something from the same booth.

The 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival is taking place on select Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Thursdays from February 3rd through May 7th, 2023.

The popular Sampler Lanyards are back! Scroll to the bottom of this food only list, for more information about the 2023 Sampler Lanyards.

Here are the locations and names for the 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival 
"Culinary Marketplace" kiosks. Locations in orange are offering food and
 beverage items, while blue locations are beverage only.
Here are the locations and names for the 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival "Culinary Marketplace" kiosks. Locations in orange are offering food and beverage items, while blue locations are beverage only.

Below is a list of just the food items that should be available at this year's festival. If you would like to see the whole, big, giant list with the beverages on there too — here's a link to that page ...

Click Here to see a really long page of all the FOOD and all the BEVERAGE ITEMS at this year's festival.

Only one item has been marked as being Vegetarian, and no items have been identified as being Gluten Friendly.

04 — Café De Mar
  • Maple Hog - NEW
    Cinnamon roll, bacon, whiskey maple glaze

05 — Caribbean Market
  • Smoked Jerk Chicken Slider - REIMAGINED
    Smoked chicken, brioche bun, pineapple slaw, cilantro
  • Ropa Vieja - NEW
    Shredded beef, plantains
  • Pineapple Dream Cake - RETURNING
    Pineapple cake, cream cheese, whipped cream

06 — All-American Market
  • Classic Reuben - NEW
    Pastrami, marbled rye bread, sauerkraut, swiss cheese
  • Lobster Mac & Cheese
    Sharp cheddar mac and cheese, lobster, crispy shallot, green onion
  • Crispy Brussels Sprouts - NEW
    Brussels sprouts, applewood bacon vinaigrette, almonds
  • Strawberry Shortcake A La Mode - NEW
    Vanilla ice cream served with yellow cake, topped with strawberry

07 — Polynesian Market
  • Lamb Ribs - REIMAGINED
    Tender roasted lamb served with Hawaiian Slaw, sesame seeds, pickle red onion and a BBQ sweet & sour sauce
  • Ahi Tuna Poke Nachos - REIMAGINED
    Tortilla chips, wakame, furikake, spicy aioli, toasted sesame oil

08 — North Atlantic Market
  • Fish & Chips
    Deep-fried beer battered cod, sidewinder fries, tartar sauce, garnished with rosemary
  • Classic Lobster Roll
    Brioche, tender butter lettuce, garnished with micro celery
  • Prince Edwards Island Shrimp Fritters - NEW
    Prince Edward Island shrimp, succotash, fermented spicy aioli
  • Chocolate Bailey’s Mousse - NEW
    Chocolate whiskey cake, Baileys Chocolate Mousse, whipped cream

10 — Sweet Sips
  • Raz Dazzle Cupcake - NEW
    Vanilla cupcake, raspberry filling, vanilla frosting, raspberry
  • Coco Loco Cupcake - NEW
    Chocolate cupcake, chocolate filling, chocolate frosting, chocolate hard shell
  • Island Dream Cupcake - NEW
    Pineapple cupcake, Malibu frosting
  • Orange Bliss Cupcake - NEW
    Orange cupcake, Grand Marnier frosting

11 — Italian Market
  • Burrata & Tomato - NEW
    Heirloom tomato, fresh burrata, modena balsamic, extra virgin olive oil, Ciabatta toast
  • Italian Beef Arancini - NEW
    Arancini served atop San Marzano tomato sauce, garnished with fresh basil
  • Palermo Fontina Cheese Meatballs
    Homemade meatballs with Fontina cheese and fresh herbs in Pomodoro sauce garnished with Garlic panzito
  • Italian Cannoli
    Mascarpone vanilla cream, cherry and pistachio crumbs

14 — Mediterranean Market
  • Moroccan Grilled Lamb Chop - REIMAGINED
    Boursin whipped mashed potatoes served with tzatziki sauce, micro celery garnish
  • Parmesan Truffle Fries - NEW
    Grana Padano, fresh parsley, winter white truffle oil
  • Bay Scallop
    Tricolor couscous, red quinoa
  • Baklava
    Flaky filo dough layered with honey drenched walnuts

15 — Brazilian Market
  • Picanha Steak
    Cilantro chimichurri, three bean salad
  • Pão De Queijo - RETURNING
    Brazilian cheese bread, honey whipped butter
  • Pork Belly Feijoada - NEW
    Pork belly & black bean Brazilian stew, garnished with green onions

16 — Asian Market
  • Gua Bao - NEW
    Grilled Pork Belly, steamed bao bun, pickled cucumber, shredded carrot and garnished with micro cilantro
  • Korean Corn Dog
    Fish sausage, mozzarella cheese, yellow mustard, smoked ketchup
  • Deep Fried Dumpling - NEW
    Asian vegetables served atop Ponzu sauce (vegetarian item)
  • Bing Su
    Salted caramel ice cream topped with caramel popcorn and carmel

17 — Waterway Bar
  • Pipeline Surfboard Pretzel

18 — Irish Market
  • Corned Beef Hash - NEW
    Hash brown waffle, corned beef hash, chives
  • Guinness Beef Stew - NEW
    Tender beef stew with sweet potato and roasted root vegetables
  • Jameson Bread Pudding - NEW
    Jameson infused bread pudding topped with Jameson Anglaise sauce

20 — German Market
  • Bratwurst - RETURNING
    Smoked bacon and cheddar brat, pretzel bun, sauerkraut served with beer infused cheese
  • Pretzel on a Stick - REIMAGINED
    Choice of: chocolate, sprinkles or cinnamon sugar
  • Apple Strudel
    Warm pastry filled with apple filling

22 — Gulf Coast Market
  • Impossible Jambalaya - NEW
    Kidney beans, roasted red peppers, mirepoix, cajun broth
  • Bananas Foster Beignets - RETURNING
    Rum glazed bananas, powdered sugar
  • Cajun Shrimp and Grits - NEW
    Cheddar stone grits, royal red shrimp, andouille sausage, roasted tomatoes, green peas

23 — Mexican Market
  • Tostada de Barbacoa - NEW
    Guajillo Ancho Chile slow coked shredded beef, Queso Fresco, and pickled red onions garnished with onion and cilantro
  • Taco al Pastor - NEW
    Mazina tortilla, chipotle ancho adobo chicken, grilled pineapple nappa cabbage, onion, and cilantro
  • Mexican Street Corn - NEW
    Queso fresco with cilantro avocado crema garnished with tajin
  • Sopapilla - NEW
    Chantilly cream and champurrado sauce

24 — Glacier Bar
  • Seven Seas Bougie Doughnut
    Strawberry cheesecake filling, strawberry buttercream, brown sugar crumble

The Seven Seas Food & Beverage Festival Sampler Lanyards are back for 2023 and are a great way to save a little money, if you're going to be trying more than 10 items.

"Sampler Lanyards" are 10 and 15 item punch cards that entitle you to 10 or 15 samples at the festival... no matter what the "per item" cost for each sample is. For example, if a dish you want to try costs $10.00, you can simply use one of your Sampler Lanyards entitlements. A SeaWorld cast member at the payment register will use a special "punch" to put a divit in your lanyard marking how many samples you have left — and that's it — no additional out of pocket cost.

While we won't know the specific food and beverage prices until the first day of the festival, the Sampler Lanyards do offer a savings over paying for samples individually, and they're just plain fun.

  • The 10 Item Sampler Lanyard is $70.00 plus tax ($78.04), which breaks down to around $7.81 per item.
  • The 15 Item Sampler Lanyard is $85.00 plus tax ($95.02), which breaks down to around $6.35 per item.
  • There's also a 18 Item Sampler Lanyard, exclusive to SeaWorld Annual Passholders that is also $85.00 plus tax ($95.02), which breaks down to around $5.28 per item.

The Sampler Lanyards can be shared between guests of the same party and are valid until the end of the 2023 Seven Seas Food Festival (so you don't have to use all your entitlements on the same day).

Click Here to visit our main SeaWorld, Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival Page — where you'll find menu boards and prices, food photos, concert schedules, and reviews from this fun and tasty annual food festival.