Busch Gardens Bier Fest – Tampa

August 17, 2019 — September 8, 2019 (select days only)
The late summer Bier Festival blends the local Tampa Bay craft scene with some international and time-honored traditions to create a unique food and beer celebration.
  • The event is included with park admission. Food and beverage samples require seperate purchase.
  • Pre-paid "sampling lanyards" are available.
  • Sampling kiosk generally open at 12pm and remain open until park close on festival days.
  • Saturdays and Sundays only between August 17th and September 8th, 2019.
  • Also on Monday September 2rd, 2019 (Labor Day).
  • Official Event Link : BuschGardens.com

Last Call — Bier Fest Walkaround Day Two

Last Call — There's just one weekend left for Busch Garden's new 2018 Bier Fest! We covered a couple of the food and craft beer offerings in our Day One Walkaround article, but there's a couple more really great food items you'll find in the middle and toward the tail end of the Bier Fest trail. We'll start where we left off, at the "Kebabs" booth — and not surprisingly, they offer up three different Kebabs! There's a Beef Kebab, a Kielbasa Kebab and the one we selected, the Chicken Kebab! ... ( read more ... )

Bier Fest Walkaround Day One with Food Photos!

Busch Garden's new 2018 Bier Fest is a craft beer and mini food festival taking place on and around Labor Day Weekend (mostly Saturday's and Sunday's from August 25th, 2018 until September 16th, 2018). I'm calling Bier Fest a mini-festival mostly because of the amount of square footage it gets. If you're familiar with the event space that some of Busch Garden's larger, seasonal events take place in — such as Howl-O-Scream, Christmas Town or even the Springtime Food and Wine Festival… the new ... ( read more ... )

Bier Fest Menu Boards with Prices for 2018

Below are our beautifully squared off, easy to read, menu boards and prices for the 2018 Bier Fest at Busch Gardens. Tampa. If you happen to be a Pinterest user, individual squared off menu boards have been uploaded to Busch Gardens board on Pinterest. They fit so nicely in your phone's display! That menu board can be found here... Pinterest Menu Boards for Bier Fest 2018. Each of the food and beer samples can be purchased individually, however the best "deal" (and what seems to be a little more fun) is ... ( read more ... )

Food and Beer Menu Items for Busch Garden's 2018 Bier Fest

Busch Gardens' new Bier Festival starts this weekend (Saturday, August 25th, 2018 is the first day) and the brand new "Bites and Beer" kiosk menu list is looking pretty great! Here's a text-based rundown of the food and brews that are planned for the inaugural year! If you want to read more about the Bier Fest event, check out our original post by clicking here. Bites Menu Hops and Handhelds Sample flavorful shareables at Hops & Handhelds! Reuben Croquettes with Mustard & ... ( read more ... )

Even More Bier (and Food) Is A Good Thing!

I just found out about another new festival on the horizon — and this one actually starts one weekend before the big E's Food & Wine Festival — and runs for a total of four weekends! Busch Gardens, Tampa is hosting a brand new "Bier Fest" that's currently scheduled for 9 dates over a four week period (see the schedule below) and will feature more than 100 beers from 60 different breweries around the world! While a wide variety of beers will be available on each festival day, the ... ( read more ... )
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