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Holiday Candle Making at SeaWorld, Orlando

Posted on November 7th, 2023
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Holiday Candle Making at SeaWorld, Orlando There's a special "one day only" event happening over at SeaWorld that I didn't notice when I was posting all the other holiday activities this year — and that's a hands-on Holiday Candle Making class over at Ports of Call. Since I can't remember seeing anything like this attached to the holiday activities at SeaWorld, it might be a pretty great event… if you want to learn about making scented candles or just enjoy guided, hands-on crafting classes.

Let's dig in to the details a bit more, and see if it's something you might like to attend… there's actually quite a few things to unpack here.

Before we talk about price, we should probably talk about the length of the classes and the session times. It looks like you should probably plan on needing two and a half hours, give or take. Even though the sessions are only spaced two hours apart... you'll need to let the candles that you make completely cool before you take them with you.

Officially, this will happen just three times …

Saturday — December 16th, 2023
  • 1:00 - 2:30 PM
  • 3:00 - 4:30 PM
  • 5:00 - 6:30 PM
The main activity here is candle making naturally, and the sessions will be lead by candlemakers from the Jennstone Candle Company. You'll be able to choose from an array of available scents, sizes, and colors to help you make candles that would be great for gifting or adding some holiday candle magic to your home.

Because it takes some time for your candles to set (i.e. cool down), a "water and charcuterie board" is included with the experience. I know, "water and charcuterie board" sounds like something that's banned by the Geneva convention — I'm sure it's more like "a lovely selection of cheese and fruit served with fresh water" (I don't write copy for SeaWorld.) I think the idea here, is that you can sit around and chat with other fellow candle makers, or just other people in your own party, while you wait for your candles to cool off.

But hang on, there's an upgrade. If the idea of receiving a water board is a little intimidating — for an additional $20 (per person) you can get wine and beer with your charcuterie board — now we're talking! "Wine, Beer, and Charcuterie Board Holiday Candle Making Experience" — sounds sooooo much better.

The "Ports of Call" Event Space and Ballroom at Seaworld, Orlando.
The "Ports of Call" Event Space and Ballroom at Seaworld, Orlando.
The event will take place in SeaWorld's Port of Call event space, which (unless they've changed it recently) is a totally indoor, air-conditioned event space… and is actually quite nice. Bathrooms are near by. (I mean — it is a two hour experience, I'm just planning ahead.)

The really cool tidbit here though is — you don't need a SeaWorld park admission to attend this one! You'll still have to pay for parking — but event attendees can enter through the Ports of Call Gate. You won't be permitted into SeaWorld after the event is over (unless you have a ticket), but still — there's not many times I can remember where there's been a theme-park based seminar, where you didn't also need admission to the park.

If you do have a day ticket or annual pass, you can get into the event space from inside the park as well — just so that guests don't have to exit and walk all the way over to the parking lot's Ports of Call Gate.

Also, if you're enjoying a day at SeaWorld — you can take the candles you make with you, or enter them into SeaWorld's "package pick-up service" — so you can pick them up when you're ready to leave.

How Much Will This Experience Cost?
As I mentioned before, there's two different prices. The candle making with "charcuterie and water" experience is priced at…
  • Attendee = $49.99
  • Passholder Discounted Attendee = $42.99
… while the upgraded candle making with "beer, wine, and charcuterie" experience is priced at…
  • Attendee = $69.99
  • Passholder Discounted Attendee = $59.99
There's no "children" tickets because you do have to be 13 or older to attend this event. (Candle wax can be dangerous — and someone has determined that a 13 year old is responsible enough to understand how to properly handle hot candle wax). And it's always worth mentioning — you will have to prove that you are 21 or older to enjoy the beer and wine upgrade.

Because there's only 3 classes that are limited to 50 guest each — this one might sell out in advance. So if you're interested in going, I'd think about getting your tickets ahead of time.

Here's a link to the official SeaWorld Ticket Buying page for the "Holiday Candle Making with Jennstone Candle Company" experience.

The "Florida Fraser Fir" candle is a popular item for the Jennstone Candle Company.
The "Florida Fraser Fir" candle is a popular item for the Jennstone Candle Company.
Is it a good deal? The Jennstone Candle Company routinely sells their 14oz candles for $39.00 — so if you can make a couple as good as they  can, or if you get close to 14oz of candle wax, toss in a charcuterie board to snack on, and include two hours of air-conditioning… it sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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