Electric Ocean at SeaWorld Orlando

May 27, 2022 – September 5, 2022 (On Select Dates Only)
Electric Ocean — SeaWorld Orlando
Electric Ocean at SeaWorld, Orlando features summertime activities that include glowing dance parties, neon art installations, nocturnal animal presentations, special food, cocktails and fireworks! However … the special nighttime stuff doesn't happen every day, so you may have to do a little pre-planning. Like the recent "Viva la Musica" festival, there are no Sampler Lanyards available for food and beverage samples (so sad) ... but technically, food isn't one of the main attributes of this annual summer festival.
  • The event is included with park admission, but times and dates vary quite a bit.
  • From May 27th, 2022 to June 19th, 2022
    Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays Only
  • From June 24th, 2022 to August 7th, 2022
  • From August 12th to September 4th, 2022
    Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays Only
  • Labor Day, September 5th, 2022

Ignite 360 Private Viewing Happy Hour and The Coke Studio & Tasting Lounge

There's quite a lot going on at SeaWorld this summer, mostly as part of the park's Electric Ocean Festival period. It's a little difficult to keep track of everything this year because Electric Ocean looks like it's going to run right into the Craft Beer Festival (which starts at the beginning of August) and most of the festivities will continue (at least on weekends) all the way until the Craft Beer Festival ends… early in September. I wanted to take a second and cover two new additions to the ... ( read more ... )

Electric Ocean Concert & Band Schedule for 2022

Oh cool ... there's going to be a couple of concerts for SeaWorld's Electric Ocean celebration this year! The concert series gets off to a slightly delayed start (because Electric Ocean is going on right now)… but it looks like there's going to be performances on most Saturdays and Sundays starting with Saturday, July 9th, until Sunday, August 7th, 2022. That end-date is significant because SeaWorld's Craft Beer Festival is set to start on August 5th — it looks like Electric Ocean and the ... ( read more ... )

Food and Beverage Menu Items for Electric Ocean 2022 at SeaWorld, Orlando

Electric Ocean 2022 has already commenced over at SeaWorld, Orlando — and this year, there seems to be a more organized focus on the food and beverage offerings! While there's not quite as many food booths for Electric Ocean as there is for the annual Craft Beer Festival or the Christmas Celebration, there is actually a map and menu (along with all the fireworks and glowing dance parties, etc) — so it seemed like a good idea to write an article and put all the food and beverage offering on ... ( read more ... )