Red, White, and Brews at Busch Gardens, Tampa

May 24, 2024 — July 7, 2024 Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays Only
Red, White & Brews at Busch Gardens Tampa
The all new Red, White & Brews event at Busch Gardens, Tampa will launch on May 24th, 2024... and run for a seven week period... just past July 4th, 2024. All we know so far is that the event will take place on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays only. Check back soon for more information.

The Brand New Red, White, & Brews Festival at Busch Gardens, Tampa

There's brand new Red, White, & Brews event on the calendar at Busch Gardens, Tampa this year — so I'm adding it to the Festivals & Events list here at While it may be a little too early to "officially" speculate if this new event is going to have a food component — I'm guessing that it will. Since the word "Brews" is in the title of the festival, beer will most probably be one of the featured components. Because you really shouldn't be walking around drinking too ... ( read more ... )