SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival

The 1st Annual SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival runs Saturday Only from...
  • First Day : Saturday — February 11th, 2017 through...
  • Final Day : Saturday — May 13th, 2017

Please check back often for the most up-to-date information!

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Top Picks, Cool Sights and Last Bites for 2017!

It's hard to believe there are just two more Seven Seas Food Festival Days left in 2017! I have a sneaking suspicion that SeaWorld's new Seven Seas Food Festival will be back in 2018, but why wait? The weather on Saturday and Sunday (May 13th & 14th, 2017) is going to be great and the Latin Dance Party atmosphere for the final weekend is going to be in high gear! Pick up a Sampling Lanyard (a really good value... honest), and get one more round of your favorite bites, or try some new foodie bites ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: B'Bye BBQ... Hello Viva Latina!

While it's true that two of SeaWorld Orlando's long-standing festivals (Bands, Brew, & BBQ and Viva Latina) have merged into a new, much larger "Seven Seas Food Festival", a few remnants of what once was, still remain. The immensely popular Viva Latina Festival at SeaWorld is (more or less) still going strong and is now attached to the tail end of the Seven Seas Festival. The "featured food theme" area that began as BBQ, has been swapped out with food favorites taking inspiration from Latin American ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Saturday Stroll-Around Day Three

There are just so many flavors to experience at the SevenSeas Food Festival at SeaWorld that we decided to take another walk around the Marketplace loop and try some new dishes. While it is true that some of the marketplace kiosk are open daily (for Spring Break) from March 17th, 2017 until April 16th, 2017… ALL of the booths are only open on Saturdays (until May 13th, 2017). There's no doubt that the Food & Brew Sampling Lanyard is the way to go here, for just $40 you'll get a lanyard ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Spring Breakers Get to Check Out Select Food & Beverage Kiosks Everyday

We heard about this "everyday" Seven Seas Food Festival news in a SeaWorld Passholder email about a week ago, but specific information was a little sparse at that time. We now have a bit more clarification from SeaWorld on just what part of the popular food event will be going on "everyday". The SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival has been running on Saturdays only (and it still is), but from March 17th until April 16th, 2017 (i.e. the peak "Spring Break" period) four of the Food Booths from the ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Saturday Stroll-Around Lanyard Savings

I have to say, I'm having a lot of fun on my Saturday food walks at SeaWorld's Seven Seas Food Festival. The weather has been great so far, and it's been fairly easy finding a table and/or chair (i.e. a place to "be" with your food and beverage sample), just to sit for a few seconds and enjoy the food and company. I've actually run into a few long-time Disney passholders and DVC members on my Saturday strolls at SeaWorld and there has been at least one unanimous sentiment that runs through our brief ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Saturday Stroll-Around

The very first Seven Seas Food Festival began at SeaWorld "Orlando"… (because they already have a Seven Seas Food Festival at SeaWorld California)… last Saturday, and everything seemed pretty great quite honestly. This is clearly not the first big food event that SeaWorld (and Executive Chef Hector Colon) have presented, but they did ramp things up quite a bit this year. In addition to all of the best BBQ items from 2016's BBQ festival, they've added 11 new "marketplaces" (i.e. food booths) ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Menu Boards and Prices for 2017

We have squared off menu boards for SeaWorld Orlando's new Seven Seas Food Festival! If you are a Pinterest users, squared off menu boards have been uploaded to our gallery on Pinterest as well. No matter which site you view them on, they fit so nicely in your phone's display! Bookmark us either here or on Pinterest and have the menu boards and pricing with you, no matter where you are at the festival. Pricing for the BBQ and Viva Latina special food periods is a little different, because those items are ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: Seven Seas Food Festival Menu Items and Prices for 2017 (Text List)

We have the line-up of food booth names and items for SeaWorld Orlando's 2017 Seven Seas Food Festival. The 11 new "Global Marketplaces" are in addition to "special limited time" Craft Beer and BBQ food booths (Saturdays, February 11 - April 15) or the "Viva Latina" food booths (Saturdays, April 22 - May 13), that had been part of previous festivals. I don't think we'll "really" know about booth locations until the festival begins… but if you enter the park and generally keep making right turns, ... ( read more ... )

SeaWorld Orlando Seven Seas Food Festival :: See and Sample Some of SeaWorld Orlando's Seven Seas Food Festival Items

Say that three times fast while patting your head and rubbing your stomach. So a little more information coming to light about the food booth items at SeaWorld's new Seven Seas Food Festival which begins in just a few weeks (Saturday, February 11th to be exact). We should have a complete menu list in a couple of days, all set up in our easy to access and located text page, so please stay tuned for that. The scope of the festival is a little larger than we first thought. It seems that fans of last year's ... ( read more ... )