Hollywood & Vine - Dinner Buffet

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Hollywood & Vine - Dinner Buffet

Character Buffet
$24-38 per person**
Hollywood and Vine's dinner period has switched to a more "seasonal" affair, with foods and characters that reflect various events that happen in each season. As far as we know, there will no longer be a non-character dinner period.

The photos and reviews on this Hollywood and Vine Dinner page could be from ANY of those seasonal periods. All of the food items and/or all of the characters you see, are not available at all times of the year.

The changes from season to season are minor. There may be one kind of soup in Spring, and a different kind of soup in the Summer, but there will always be at least two kinds of soup on the buffet.

Sometimes Daisy will be wearing a formal evening gown, sometimes she'll be dressed in a summer dress, but there should always be four characters that move from table to table as you dine.

It's always best to use the link in this listing to check with Disney's official page for Hollywood and Vine to see what seasonal theme the location will be featuring, when you plan on visiting the restaurant.

There is one seasonal period, that seems to get it's own name, and that's the Holiday Dine at Hollywood and Vine. Our separate page and review for that, can be found by clicking the link below.

Minnie's Holiday & Dine at Hollywood and Vine

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