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Seafire Inn Breakfast (Seafire Grill) Reviews and Photos

Seafire Inn Breakfast (Seafire Grill) Reviews and Photos

SEAWORLD ORLANDO | Breakfast | Photos (9)

Counter Service (quick service)
$4-13 per entree*
The Seafire Inn (also referred to as the Seafire Grill) is one of the few locations at SeaWorld that serves breakfast. While there are not many choices on the standard "continental breakfast" menu, the various muffins and danishes offered are usually quite good.

We have seen hot items served here, including scrambled eggs, bacon, potato hash bites and French toast sticks... but that's not always the case. We suspect the changes are seasonal, but they aren't really posted anywhere.

A couple of the items that seem to be guest favorites area the fruit danish and chocolate chip “muffin”. There is limited indoor seating and covered outdoor seating available.
REVIEWS BELOW | Seafire Inn Breakfast (Seafire Grill)
Review Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016
While it's true that Continental Breakfasts aren't going to blaze new culinary paths, one feels luck to find any breakfast items available at SeaWold Orlando. Fortunately, the giant muffins are actually quite good, and can be found at the Seafire Grill (Inn) or Voyagers, depending on which is open on the day of your visit.

Occasionally, we've found hot breakfast items at either Voyager or Seafire Grill Inn as well, but there doesn't seem to be any published information about when or which location is going to do what. You could try looking at the daily maps available at the front of the park, but it's probably going to be quicker just to take a walk over to Seafire Grill, and ask who's doing what on that particular day.

Back to our muffins… the Chocolate Chip Muffin is probably my favorite. The dense muffin holds the chocolate chips well, and there are plenty of those chips on the muffin, (with fewer inside… so be sure to proportion your chips).

The Banana Nut Muffin is more that just a runner-up though… mostly because this one seems to be offered hot or cold. How can you not like a warm Banana Nut Muffin? Well, I suppose if you don't like bananas or have a nut allergy, this one probably isn't for you. The "banana" isn't so present in taste, as it is in texture. The muffin is noticeably more dense and moist that it's chocolate chip sibling. The coarsely chopped walnuts on top do not add much flavor-wise, but they do give the muffin a nice crunch. The overall flavor is more like a lightly spiced blond batter... maybe a bit of nutmeg, cinnamon, etc., but nothing so dominant that it's noticeable.

A couple of bottled juices and milk are also available at these continental breakfasts, and I've even been able to get a soda now and again. While I do prefer a hot breakfast with a few more options, if you visit enough theme parks, you're bound to run into the Continental Breakfasts at some point. The Chocolate Chip Muffin might just also be one of those things that sticks out in your mind… if giant muffins aren't really part of your daily routine. We actually hear "the chocolate cake at lunch" and "the chocolate chip muffin at breakfast" as being two things that people remember most about their food experiences at SeaWorld! Strange, but true.
Review Posted on Friday, February 21, 2014
The late time that we arrived must have been the problem. The toast sticks were pure grease, the bacon was limp, eggs were pasty the apple-turnover danish was too doughy could have used cinnamon, and the tater tots were freezer tasting. The only thing I enjoyed was the chocolate muffin that you can get at all of the restaurants throughout the park.
(*) Price ranges listed are the average cost for one main entree and one soft beverage item, unless otherwise stated. There are many combinations of appetizers, deserts and drinks that will add to your final total. Many parks also use seasonal pricing systems which result in food and beverage costs increasing at peak times. Please check with the location that you are interested in for specific pricing information.
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