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Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: World ShowPlace Premium Events for 2016

Located just past Canada and before the UK pavilions at Epcot, you will find the entrance to the World ShowPlace building. This is "the" premium location for Food and Wine Events. If you're walking down the World ShowPlace courtyard to enter the building for an event, you're about to experience the best that the Food and Wine Festival has to offer. The ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: 2016 Festival Culinary Adventures (Signature Dining)

Formerly referred to as the "Signature Dining" events, the newly named "Festival Culinary Adventures Around the Walt Disney World Resort" Series allows guests to treat themselves to unique dining experiences from a line-up of resident chefs, preparing culinary delights to entice the senses. Sept 15 (thu) - The BOATHOUSE (Disney Springs) ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Tables in Wonderland's 2016 Food & Wine Festival Preview Lunch

The Food and Wine Festival Preview Lunch for Tables in Wonderland members is one of the longest-standing events that we've had over the years. Usually held a couple months before the festival starts, it gives TiW Members a chance to preview some of the new food and beverage offerings that will be arriving at the annual fall festival. The TiW Food and Wine ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Sommerfest -vs- the Germany Food & Wine Kiosk

On a recent visit to Epcot's Sommerfest (the quick service window in the park's Germany pavilion) I was surprised to discover the cost of their "signature" item, the Fresh-cooked Brat with Roll and Sauerkraut, was hitting the mid $9 mark ($9.49 to be precise). Granted, it's been a couple of years since I've really stopped to investigate the menu at ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Familiar Favorites and Somethings Chew

Now that our Epcot 2015 Food and Wine Festival food booth items listings have been completed (click here to check out all the items from this year's festival), I'm celebrating by taking a quick tour of seven completely random kiosks around WorldShowcase, and selecting one favorite item from that booth. Because I very much enjoy the way phone books are ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Prices, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian Friendly Markers Added

The Mealtrip Epcot 2015 Food and Wine Festival listings are being updated rapidly now! It's a long process actually, but I did want to take a second at let everyone know that everything at Epcot is looking great, and it should be an amazing 2015 Festival. I have finished adding the prices and the gluten-free & vegetarian-friendly markers to the ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival ::  What Does The Food at a Party for the Senses Look Like?

There are many different special events that take place during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, but the "crown jewel" of them all is the Party for the Senses event, that normally takes place on four or five different Saturday nights over the course of the festival. The all-inclusive event combines amazing entertainment with amazing food ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival ::  Eek... A Mouse!!!

No, it's actually a rat, but he's such a cute little rat. and he's a chef, which is why we have to report this on We've known for a while that Remy would be getting his very own activity for the 20th Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, and now we know what the "giveaway" part of the activity is. Okay, so this is going to be very similar to ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: FREE Wine Glass for Disney Annual Passholders at the 20th Annual Food & Wine Festival!

Three years ago, when I first started getting those oval "AP" magnets for being a Disney Annual Passholder I thought... "How cool... there's no way I'm putting this on my car, someone will take it". Now though... I have so many oval "AP" magnets, I've considered putting them on other people's cars just to get rid of them. This year however, there's a crazy ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: A Look Back at a 2014 Food & Wine Special Event, Dining Through the Decades - A Tribute to Walt Disney

It wasn't too many Food and Wine Festivals ago, that the only big special event to take place in the giant World Showplace building, was the grand Party for the Senses. Over the years, we've seen a new, slimmer, and more tightly themed event take shape in this fabulous space. More accessible both in scope, and to our wallets, some of these events are ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Tables In Wonderland Food and Wine Festival Preview Lunch

Tables in Wonderland occasionally hosts special events throughout the year for it's members. Mostly, these consist of wine dinners at Jiko's and a preview dinner event for the Food and Wine Festival. The Food & Wine Preview event was converted into a lunch this year, to better accommodate the large number of guests that wanted to attend. Considering ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: Full International Marketplace Food and Beverage Items List for 2015

The "International Marketplaces" are not just located around World Showcase for 2015, a couple are located in Future World as well. There is still some question as to where some of these will be. Keep checking back with for the latest information. Our "Items Rating" database and PDF checklist will be available over the next few days. Prices ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: What is a Culinary Demo at the Festival Center During Epcot's Food & Wine Festival?

Disney has a knack for repeating things that are good. With that being said, the Culinary Demos have been a part of Epcot's Food and Wine Festival since it began in 1996. There have been some tweaks to the program here and there over the years, and they have all been for the better. Today, the demos combine culinary education and entertainment with a small ... ( read more ... )

Epcot Food & Wine Festival :: The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival 2015 Rumor Season

It's hard to believe that it is already time for Epcot's Food and Wine Festival Rumor season to begin! Those of you that follow our little theme park foodie site here at already know that I don't dive too deep into the rumor and breaking news pool. A hundred different sites cutting and pasting the same paragraph of information just doesn't seem ... ( read more ... )
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